Our Mission

Guided by faith, Vida Unida is your family-oriented and approachable Houston-based radio station for inspirational Christian music and media. Influenced by Hispanic culture within the City of Houston, our station serves as a way for you to strengthen your relationship with Jesus and bring hope to your life. Whether you’re a devoted believer or just now finding faith, Vida Unida is an exciting way to celebrate your love for Christ and stay connected to a loving community.

The Vida Unida Story

Our Story

From your friends at Hope Media Group, Vida Unida is a Christian radio station that offers worship and encouragement for Spanish speakers. Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, we strive to offer a sense of community for a city with an ever-growing Hispanic population. Our sister station, KSBJ, has been a lifelong radio station for our fellow Houstonians of the same faith who seek guidance, unity, and a way to connect with God, and while it has been a wonderful journey to bond with others through worship, we often wondered what other communities and cultures we could make an impact on. It was then that the idea behind Vida Unida came to be—a faith-based Spanish radio station with the purpose of reaching the different cultures that make up the wonderful City of Houston to find community, peace, and purpose through the gospel.