Why volunteer with Vida Unida?

Spread God’s love and serve others through volunteering with Vida Unida! Being a Vida Unida volunteer not only allows you to make a difference in the lives of others, but also your own. It’s your opportunity to build new relationships, strengthen your community and spread hope to others. Whether you choose to pray for others as part of the Vida Unida Prayer Team, greet attendees at a Vida Unida concert, or work a booth with Vida Unida promotions team, you are helping to make a difference and bless others in a way that can last for all time.


How do I sign up to volunteer with Vida Unida?

So, how can you serve and be a part of something life-giving? The volunteer application process begins by completing a brief form and submitting a photo of yourself for your volunteer ID card. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Vida Unida and an invite to complete a background check from Sterling Volunteer. Approved volunteers are asked to cover the $19 cost of the background check and potential additional fees depending on the level of address history required. All volunteers must pass the background check provided before serving at any Vida Unida function. After passing the background check, you’ll receive more information about how to sign up for current and future volunteer opportunities.

For all questions or in the event you do not receive an email from Sterling Volunteer within one week of your approved volunteer application, please email Vida Unida’s Volunteer Manager, Steven Gonzalez, at sgonzalez@hopemediagroup.org.

Simply click below to begin your volunteer journey with Vida Unida. We can’t wait to serve alongside you!