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Rocio Madrid

Rocio Madrid

I am originally from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Mexico. I grew up (not much, hehe) in a pastoral home, my parents served for 34 years. There, my brother and I began using our talents in music to support our parents, I mostly in singing.

I studied Dentistry, but while I was in college I accepted the invitation to participate in a radio program for young people along with other youth leaders in that city. This is how I took my first steps in the media. I really felt very clumsy compared to my peers. I never imagined that it would be my life.

A few years later, I ventured into television as a host for the Telemundo network in El Paso, TX where I worked for 4 years. At the same time, I had already become an official announcer of the Manantial network where I have worked since 2002. I have been the host of the Morning Show for 16 years.

In 2010, I moved to Houston where the challenge was to start from zero.

My musical productions give me the opportunity to travel as a speaker, singer and missionary, which I really enjoy. I am part of the worship team in my congregation.

In addition to Radio, TV, and music, I spend part of my time in my advertising agency.

Communicating who God is and His love through radio, music, even my social networks, is always my passion. I enjoy life with my dog ​​Buddy, I love Crossfit, and I am convinced that the vast majority of things I do now was because I decided to follow the biblical advice: Everything that comes to hand to do, do it according to your strength. Ecclesiastes 9:10